Your clothes say something about you! If they don’t look right, you don’t. Make sure you always look perfect. Dry clean with Master Cleaners! Everyone knows that Master Cleaners is a fantastic dry cleaning and laundry business, but did you also know about some of our other available services?

Our Services

Wedding Gown Cleaning – Preserve and Box Wedding Gowns and keep the memory forever with our bridal gown preservation service! Bridal gowns are a big investment. Our special cleaning process will safely recapture the wedding day loveliness of your gown. After cleaning, your gown is placed in a special storage box for safekeeping. Selected and cared for properly, your gown can be used by several generations. Hand-Finished Deluxe Shirt Option – Try our hand-finished deluxe shirt option. The entire shirt is pressed by hand and then gone over with a fine toothcomb. This is a great option when you absolutely need to look perfect. Drive-Thru Service – Rain or shine, with our drive-thru service, we give you the added convenience of receiving our great service without having to leave your car! Gentle Handling of Delicate Items. At Master Cleaners, we promise to protect your clothing investment. We are confident that you will appreciate our painstaking spot removal and gentle handling of delicate items. We treat your clothes with respect and tender loving care. Depending on the fabric, specific cleaning requirements include:

  • Special spot removal procedures for silks.
  • Reduced cleaning cycle.
  • Limited mechanical action.
  • Netting garments during cleaning.
  • Reduced temperature drying.
  • Natural drying.
  • Special treatment for silks to restore sheen and luster.
dry cleaning services

Tailoring Service – Alteration Specialist – Customers have called our alteration staff miracle workers. The quality of work that our alterations department does on a regular basis surpasses the expectations of even our most hard to please customer. Our regular service is a turnaround of 5 business days. However, for no extra charge, our Special service has a turnaround of 3 business days. Suede and Leather Specialist A suede and leather garment is a major investment, and it is important to choose the right company for cleaning. For years, Master Cleaners has been known as the leading Suede and Leather Specialist in Mobile. Our turnaround time is from two to three weeks. VIP Express Service VIP Express Service is a great idea for our customers. No fuss, no muss, and no waiting. Simply put laundry or dry cleaning into the special Master Cleaners VIP Express Service Bag and drop it off at any of our convenient locations. No waiting for receipts or orders because customer name, address, phone, laundering instructions are on the customers VIP Bag tag! We Do Business the Old Fashioned Way.

  • Pre-spot All Garments
  • Check All Buttons
  • Make Minor Repairs Free
  • We say, “Thank You and Please Come Back” and we mean it!

Stain Guard Those Ties Never worry about spots, food, water, etc. again. Protect neckties safely and easily.

Hat Cleaning 

Maintain the shape and quality of your favorite go-to accessory. At Master Cleaners, we will give your hat or cap a fresh start! From baseball caps to felt, leather or straw, we can do it all!

Rug Cleaning

For professional rug cleaning, don’t settle for anything less than the expert services from Master Cleaners. Our specialized equipment deep cleans and deodorizes area rugs safely and gently. Our method flushes away the vast amount of soil trapped deep in rugs without abrasive scrubbing, harsh chemicals or power spraying that can damage your rug permanently.